The Water Crisis

The demand for quality water and water technologies is global and many aspects are at a crisis level and getting worse. Consider this: 2/3rds of the earth's surface is covered in water. But, of that, only 3% is fresh water. And of that, only 1% is potable. And, of all the humans on the planet, only 1/3 have access to safe, drinking water.

“Goldman Sachs estimates that global water consumption is doubling every 20 years, and the United Nations expects demand to outstrip supply by more than 30% by 2040.”

However, the global water problem is not just confined to the mere existence of clean water. The problem is also -- and importantly -- about the deteriorated infrastructure that delivers this precious resource to users across the landscape; including industry, hospitals, homes and all other places where it is required.

One does not have to go beyond the Internet or television each day to see articles about water related issues. The world needs an ever-increasing amount of sustainable water. The population explosion around the globe, combined with a finite resource, carried by old antiquated methods presents a major crisis and thereby a unique opportunity to positively benefit the water needs of the glabal community with technology.

The Global Facts About Water Issues Are Staggering

According to statistics gleaned from the World Water Council, over 1.1 billion people
live without the availablility of clean drinking water. The United Nations reports that [The water
and sanitation] crisis claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns.

From infrastructure to desalination, there is ample
opportunity for long term growth in the water sector,
no matter what political party is in office. Water is truly
the next oil as advocates of the sector know. No one can
deny the importance of water in our lives.

Neil D. Berlant
“Water Expert” - Partner at Crowell, Weedon & Co.

About Hydrologic

HydroLogic, LLC was formed in June 2013 as a parent holding company to engage in a strategic acquisitions and mergers program of global water technologies and companies dedicated to addressing the "global water crisis" while capitalizing on the numerous opportunities presented in the global water and wastewater technology industries..

HydroLogic has already identified significant international market opportunities — not only in the area of the development and deployment of global water technologies, but also in the upgrading of the deteriorating
existing water delivery systems.

The founders of HydroLogic have over 90 years experience. Gary Kabot has built companies from start-ups to over $300 million in revenues. Steve Flaim held a senior management position in a Fortune 100 companies and Tom Flaim is a renound world-wide expert in emergency water filtration. Together they have the unrivaled breadth and depth of business experience to accomplish the goal of building a multi-million dollar global water technologies company..

With over 90 years of collective business experience, the founders of HydroLogic have built companies from start-ups to over $300 million in revenues.

Simultaneous with the formation of HydroLogic LLC, the company acquired market leader, Atlanta, GA based, First Water Systems, Inc..

Founded in 2005, First Water Systems has developed a line of proprietary mobile water purification systems that are certified to meet or succeed US EPA and NSF quality requirements for both civilian and military uses. The founders of First Water Systems are significant stockholders in HydroLogic and are active daily in both First Water Systems and in the leadership of HydroLogic LLC..

COO & CFO Gary Kabot of Hydrologic has unique experience in building companies through organic growth and the development and implementation of strategic acquisitions programs..

Featured Acquisition

ASHEVILLE, NC JUNE 30 2013 — Simultaneous with its forming, HydroLogic, LLC has acquired market leader, Atlanta, GA based, First Water Systems, Inc.

Founded in 2005, First Water Systems, Inc. is the owner of several patents and manufactures and markets a line of proprietary mobile water purification systems. All the First Water Systems products are certified to meet or exceed US EPA and NSF quality requirements for both civilian and Department of Defense uses.

First Water Systems has developed a proprietary water purification process utilizing a unique six-stage water filtration process that addresses the reduction of debris, sediment, bacteria, viruses, cysts, and other microbiological impurities to clean drinking water standards. This process utilizes a unique filtration combination, including a proprietary micro-filter derived from NASA technology (First Water has the exclusive rights to this filter), and UV disinfection. The Company has submitted an Industrial Patentapplication and is awaiting approval. The patent is for the purification process and specifically the use of mechanical filtration and Class "A" ultraviolet for the disinfection of water.

Significant growth opportunities include the ongoing development of existing and potential customers, new market penetration, new product development, new technology development, and the numerous growth opportunities being initiated by both First Water Systems and HydroLogic.

Mr. Flaim has often been sought by both print media and international news agencies such as CNN,
FOX News, NBC, ABC and USA Today to provide expert input surrounding water based disasters.

In 2012, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Water Works Association (AWWA) issued a joint report entitled “Emergency Water Supply Planning Guide for Hospitals and Health Care Facilities”. An excerpt from the introduction to this report states:

“Health care facilities are a critical component of a community's response and recovery following an emergency event, such as a large natural disaster or localized event such as a fire or explosion. The resiliency of the community depends on health care facilities and other critical infrastructure maintaining their water capabilities during these incidents.
To do so, a facility must have an effective Emergency Water Supply Plan (EWSP)

HydroLogic + First Water Systems

HydroLogic will continue to support and organically grow First Water Systems and the service of mid-sized markets requiring mobile water purification systems to make possible an effective Emergency Water Supply Plan. The already established relationship between First Water Systems and such mid-sized markets includes not only hospitials but also universities, government and non-government emergency management organizations, various branches of the U.S. military, commercial, public health and fire protection agencies. The escalating demand for high-purity water in industrial and potable applications has triggered growth in the worldwide mobile and emergency water treatment market. Mobile water treatment systems offer purified water for both short-term emergencies and production cycles in industrial settings.

COO & CFO Gary Kabot Asserts:

“At HydroLogic our focus is to identify significant growth opportunities globally for the company. This may be organic growth of existing business units or by acquisition or mergers. We remain centered on the execution a compelling business model and benefiting global water needs through technology.”
“My brother Tom and I are very excited to be part of the
HydroLogic team. With this acquisition, we see the ability to
combine our present skills sets and experience of
Gary Kabot. Together, we are looking forward to
building a great company that acquires, develops and promotes
water technologies around the world.”

Steve Flaim
President of First Water Systems, Inc.

Strategic Acquisition

HydroLogic LLC was formed as a parent holding company to engage in a strategic acquisition and merger program of global water technologies and companies. After our experience in managing more than sixty acquisitions, we have learned that each seller or merger candidate is unique.

What Makes HydroLogic Different

Our approach to acquiring companies is what makes us different. We listen carefully to our sellers and craft transactions that offer company owners whether they be private sellers or corporate the opportunity to accomplish their financial goals – personal or corporate.

We are actively seeking global water technology companies for acquisition or merger. These companies may be owned either by parent entities or by individuals.

HydroLogic is actively pursuing companies with many, if not all of the following characteristics:

HydroLogic welcomes global water technologies
presented by intermediaries.


COO & CFO, Gary Kabot will direct the every day activities of HydroLogic. First Water Systems, Inc., Founders and Senior Executives, Tom and Steve Flaim will continue to operate First Water Systems and have also agreed to join the HydroLogic Management Team.

Gary Kabot

Gary, COO & CFO of HydroLogic has spent the last 32 years dedicated as COO & CFO to implementing strategic acquisition programs in a variety of industries.

Steve Flaim

Steve, President & Co-Founder of First Water is an accomplished corporate executive. He retired from Coca-Cola after 26 years as VP-Sales and holds an MBA from DePaul University.

Tom Flaim

Tom, EVP & Co-Founder of First Water is a worldwide expert in emergency water filtration and participated in numerous disaster events. He is a degreed engineer with skills honed as an entrepreneur and with large companies including McDonald Douglas

The founders of Hydrologic collectively have over 90 years of unique business experience in
building companies through both organic growth and the development and implementation of
strategic acquisition programs, taking companies from start-ups to over $300 million in revenues.


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